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Rainbow Unicorn Costume (Disney / Pixar's Inside Out)

Rainbow Unicorn is a minor character from Disney’s Inside Out. She’s an actor in Riley’s dreams.

Bing Bong from Inside Out

Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Unicorn has rainbow colored hair. Any rainbow wig will do.

White Clothes

Rainbow Unicorn is all white except for her hair and horn so you just need to wear all white clothes.


Rainbow Unicorn’s horn is pink and purple. The horns below are all pink. If you want a more authentic look, you could try painting parts of the horn purple or wrap purple ribbon around it.

Pink Heart

There’s a pink heart on Rainbow Unicorn’s rump. You could take one of these hearts and attach it to your pants. Or you can go the cheaper route and cut a heart out of pink construction paper and affix it to your pants with a safety pin.