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Disgust Costume (Disney / Pixar's Inside Out)

Disgust is a character from Disney’s Inside Out. She is one of Riley’s emotions: Disgust.

Bing Bong from Inside Out

Costume Sets

Includes green dress, purple scarf and green wig

Green Hair

Disgust has green shoulder-length hair.

Green Sleeveless Dress

Disgust wears a green sleeveless dress with designs on it.


Spirit Halloween

Only includes dress. Wig sold separately.

Available from

Available from


Disgust wears a green belt with the letter “D” as the buckle. The “D” stands for “Disgust”.

Dark Green Pants

Underneath her dress, Disgust wears dark green leggings / pants.

Orchid Scarf

Disgust wears an orchid (purple) scarf around her neck.

Orchid Shoes

Disgust wears orchid shows that match her scarf.


Disgust’s skin is colored light green so if you want to go all out, you can use body paint to color your face and body. If you choose not to do the green, then you can apply Disgust’s other make-up. She has orchid colored lips and eye-shadow. She always wears faint blush.

Green Disgust Memory Orb

As a prop, you can carry around a green ball to represent a disgust memory orb.

Other Items


Sound Like Disgust

DIsgust is highly opinionated.


  • “Ugh…”
  • “It’s broccoli!”

Helpful Resources


Make-up Tutorial for Disgust, Sadness, Joy, Anger & Fear