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Anger Costume (Disney / Pixar's Inside Out)

Anger is a character from Disney’s Inside Out. He is one of Riley’s emotions: Anger.

Bing Bong from Inside Out

Costume Sets

Includes jumpsuit and head piece.

Red Head / Fire Head

Anger is red with no hair. When he gets angry, fire comes out of the top of his head. For a head piece, you could use a red wig or a head piece that looks like it’s fire.

White Shirt-sleeve Collared Shirt

Anger wears a white shirt-sleeve collard shirt. This should be fairly easy to find.


These Etsy shirts and the Etsy dress have Anger’s shirt, pants and tie in the design of the item.


Anger wears a red tie with gray zig-zag stripes. It will be hard to find a real tie with this particular design. Instead, just try to find a tie that matches the red and gray colors.

Brown Belt

Anger wears a brown belt.

Burgundy Pants

Anger wears burgundy dress pants.

Black or Dark Gray Shoes

Anger wears dark gray shoes but black should work fine.

Red Skin

Anger’s skin is bright red so if you want to go all out, you can use red body paint to color your face and body.

Red Anger Memory Orb

As a prop, you can carry around a red ball to represent an anger memory orb.

Other Items

Sound Like Anger

Anger is obviously always angry.


  • “We should yell out that curse word we know! It’s a good one!”

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